Enrique believes Paris can be better.

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Luis Enrique the PSG coach insists that his team can still improve even more. Even though they just defeated Olympique Lyonnais in a landslide.

Paris Saint-Germain Created an excellent performance. Attacking Olympique Lyonnais 4-1 in the Ligue 1 battle last Sunday night. Making the former champion win the second match in a row. After the first two games ended in a draw.

“Of course, it was a satisfying game. It’s a great game. What I like is the team’s desire to play from the first minute.” said the Spaniard EnriqueUFABET

“What I saw was more good than bad. But there is always room for improvement. Early in the game, Lyon were often able to escape our pressing. There are still some points to adjust. But I’m very happy.

“This is still far from what I want. I want the team to dominate the game more. I also want the team to be more aware of the situation. Consider whether or not this is when we should attack in depth.

“We have many new players. I’m getting to know a different league. We have incredible depth. When we opened the attack with our own level of play. 

“But another thing I want the team to have is to be calm and control the tempo to figure out the right situation when attacking deep.”