Kyle Walker reveals he almost joined the Southern Tigers.

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Manchester City defender Kyle Walker has revealed he almost moved to Bayern Munich football this summer. But in the end it didn’t happen.

The 33-year-old is continually linked with a transfer with just one year remaining on his contract. Plus the opportunity to enter the field is in uncertainty. But in the end, he decided to stay with the club.

“Decisions can be made, things can change, it almost is. But in football things can change can happen. It wasn’t meant to be like that,” Walker told the BBC.

“Will I enjoy the new experience? Absolutely, but this is a great club and you cannot overlook. What this club has done over the last six or seven years.”UFABET.  

“Why would I walk away if I had enough opportunities to play? That’s what I want It’s about who gives me the most opportunities. It’s not that I would go to a worse club because Bayern Munich is a big team and to see what Harry [Kane] did there, it’s not a step backwards.”

“I have always wanted to play for Manchester City but I have to do what is right for me and my future. This is a club that has given me the opportunity with the promise of playing football at a high level.”