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Sick with “dengue fever”, 6 foods that help restore the body

Dengue fever. When it is, it will have flu-like symptoms. but the symptoms are more severe and may even lead to death due to heavy bleeding For patients with dengue fever, the patient’s diet will help the body recover itself faster. Therefore, it is something that should not be overlooked. And here are

3 simple tips to prevent “coronary artery disease”

coronary artery disease It is a terrible disease for middle-aged people. to the elderly Because many people do not know that they have this disease until the body sends a warning signal. and is at risk of risking life Because it was found when the symptoms were very severe (read “”constricted,

9 reasons why “lost sex drive” Doctor

For some, intercourse may feel like it increases the intimacy between partners, but for others, it may feel like they don’t want it. Come up without knowing the real cause, so Hello Doctor has compiled a list of reasons that may make you feel like you