Merson complimented the potter but pointed to a different Chelsea line.

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Former Arsenal midfielder Paul Merson has hailed Graeme Potter as a good manager. But not the right person for the job of managing Chelsea.

         The Blues have appointed the 47-year-old boss as their official manager following the sacking of Thomas Tuchel, which Merson thinks Potter is a good fit for Manchester. United rather than taking a job Chelsea 

         “I like Potter, I think he’s a good manager, besides Manchester City, the best team I saw at Stamford Bridge last season was Brighton, they are unbelievable. Potter makes the team better. He’s uplifting the players,” Merson told Sky Sports UFABET

         “But the job at Chelsea? I think he should get a job at Manchester United, there are a lot of young players at Manchester United and want to build a new team. What is there to build at Chelsea? Each player is worth 50 million pounds.”

         “It’s full of national team players. You just have to look at them. You don’t have to teach them anything in the game. But picking players according to their usage, the potter will find new players and make them better. He’s the project manager, give him five years and he’ll pull it up.”

         “That’s not Chelsea’s philosophy, Chelsea’s philosophy is to train the best players. I don’t see that at Chelsea, he will leave his job in a year, the way Chelsea is, the way they go. How long will you be in this job? they won the champions The league last season, they lost the cup final on penalties this year.