Manchester United lost 0-1 to Real Sociedad.

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Manchester United lost 0-1 to Real Sociedad in Europa League Group E on Thursday. At Old Trafford, it’s Europa League Group E where the Red Devils open their home against Real Sociedad from Spain.

Manchester United who almost changed teams. But still dominated the game and tried to find a way to penetrate, but in the first 20 minutes there was no time to inform or attack the away team as needed.

In the 25th minute, Christian Eriksen stabbed to give Cristiano Ronaldo a high-flying ball to follow. UFABET But was hit by Sociedad defender Joan Pacheco before cutting off the back.

Then, in the 36th minute, Diogo Dalot scooped into the penalty area for Cristiano Ronaldo to hit a full head, Alex Remino brushed off the ball, wiped under the crossbar over the goal line. But not because the offside flag was raised.

After 36 seconds, the Red Devils missed the opportunity to leave Bruno Fernandes. A substitute opened from the right for Cristiano Ronaldo to strike. But the ball was not fully dropped off the far post minutes later. 48 CR7 takes a long shot to pass the ball over the crossbar with a thrill.

Real Sociedad’s chance in the 54th minute.

Aleksandr Sorlott, the reserve striker, hit the ball but only slightly over the crossbar. The visiting team came again, this time, Takefusa Kubo cut off from the left to mean Sorlott, but Lisandro Martinez, the defender who came down as a backup, cut off the front.

But the visiting team from Spain got a penalty in the 57th minute. David Silva shot a block on Lisandro Martinez before the ball hit the arm. The referee blew a penalty, although the VAR check still confirmed the original word.

Brais Mendez takes the shot without missing a shot, passing the ball into his own right hand corner to give the team a 1-0 lead. 

The host tried to retaliate in the 64th minute. Bruno Fernandes splashed to the far post for Casemiro to hit the ground, but the ball bounced over the crossbar unfortunately.

Played up to the 77th minute, the Red Devils reappeared. This time, Casemiro shot far, but saved Alex Remiro.

Manchester United failed to return the game as Real Sociedad won 1-0.