Introducing online casino games that are fun to play on the table.

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Online casino games played on the table It is similar to playing in a real casino. Which will have a dealer to run the game. But there will be ways to place bets and other rules added to create ease of use. Which online casino games that are played on the table. There are card games dice games Games that use a shaker or random device.


The most famous online casino game with uncomplicated play Just guess that the banker. Or the player will win from the total points of 2-3 cards. With a method for counting points like Pokdeng UFABET


 Is consider the younger version of the Baccarat game. Because it is a game that has been modified to have a shorter playing time. But the rules are similar. That is predict which side of Tiger (Tiger) or Dragon (Dragon) will have more face points by revealing only 1 card.

3 Cards (Win 3 Cards).

 Another interesting card game that uses 3 cards to decide. By letting us choose to bet between the Dragon and Phoenix side. Which side will have bigger cards? And on the betting table there are also other betting slots to choose from a variety of bets. Which will have a payout rate according to the difficulty


 Is a game that takes the form of dice played on paper come online. Which will have a similar way of playing. The dice game will use a dice shaker and let us guess. Which dice will be design If the guess is correct, there will be different payout rates according to the difficulty.

Gourd, crab, fish.

 One of the popular games that. We know well by when it comes to being in the online system Animal symbols are randomly drawn using 3 dice. Each of which has a 6-side animal image and is shaken by the machine. Which will allow us to guess which symbols the dice will be issue. If the guess is correct, the payout rate is set.


 A popular game that is like bringing a casino close to you. In online casinos the dealer will press the button to release the steel ball into the wheel. There will be a total of 37 numbers for us to choose to bet on where the steel ball will stop at.