Gallas points out that Axel Disasi has a lot to learn in the English league.

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Former Chelsea defender William Gallas says young defender Axel Disasi still has a lot to learn. And improve in playing in the English Premier League.

The 25-year-old moved from Monaco to Stamford Bridge for a fee of 38.8 million pounds and made a beautiful debut by scoring a goal in the game against Liverpool. But after that the team’s performance was not good. Most recently, they lost to Nottingham Forest 0-1.

Even though in Saturday’s game the team had 70.8 percent of possession, the defense still had holes. Gallas thinks Disasi is not yet at the level to play against Chelsea UFABET

“I’m one of those people who doesn’t understand why Disasi moved to Chelsea,” Gallas told Gambling Zone. “The Premier League is a different league in terms of difficulty. Although he is a physically strong player, But he has to understand that opposition strikers are very strong when they attack.”

“He still needs to improve a lot. But he has the opportunity to play alongside Thiago Silva, who he can learn from. Talk to him a lot and Silva will help him take the next step.”

“Even though he’s here at Chelsea, that doesn’t mean he’s fully ready. He also has a bad habit. Something must change That’s why when I saw his name I think he’s not ready to play with Chelsea yet.”

“But you have to give him time to adjust to a new country. New players and new clubs You have to give him time. When you are a foreign player coming to play in the Premier League. You have to give them at least a year.”