Fabian Cher satisfied with the work during the exit of the star Newcastle.

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Newcastle defender Fabian Cher has been pleased with the team’s performance in the first six games of the football season. Even though I felt that I should have received more points

         Newcastle collected 7 points from the first 6 games with a result of winning 1, drawing 4, losing 1, which the share revealed that he was satisfied with the overall performance of the team. Despite the view that the team should have more points in hand UFABET

         “In terms of works I think we played at a high level in the first six games, of course when you look at the scores. I think you need more.” said Share.

         “We just try to play at a high level in every game with a consistent 90 minutes every week. We’ve been doing it since late last year and this year as well. So we go ahead and do that and we want to win.”

         “We have been training all week and everyone knows what we want. Obviously we have a lot of communication with each other. But I think it doesn’t matter who gets on the pitch because we are doing a good job overall and our defense is much better than a few months ago.”

         “We have a lot of quality in this position [defenders], I think whoever goes on the pitch will do a good job. In general, we defended pretty well in high-level games and it’s what gives you points even if you don’t score.