Dortmund sports director scolded after Haaland was a burden.

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Dortmund sporting director Sebastian Kehl takes the lead ahead of the Champions League group game against Manchester City (September 14). When he beats forward Erling Haland. When we were together, was a burden. Sold out the blue sail was considered the right time.

Haaland despite producing 86 goals in 89 games for the ‘ Yellow Tigers ‘ has been rumored to have been unlovable in the last months. Forcing the club to sell out until City ended up at 51 million pounds.  

On such issues , Kehl himself revealed that there was a foundation. Because the Norwegian players are a burden to their peers. Disrupting the working atmosphere at Signal Iduna Park.  UFABET

Therefore, when pressing down the toilet successfully. Exchanging huge fees for players in the last years of contracts are considered very worthwhile.

The recording did not dribble through ‘ Sports Build ‘

“ We remain extremely grateful for what Erling left for the team. And success under this team’s jersey. Even if that guy eventually becomes a burden Either in the dressing room or for the club ” 

“ Overall, the team environment was a problem because of him. ” 

“ The timing of the sell-out is therefore appropriate. For both us and Man City. What reinforces the right choice is the 10 goals the team has scored this season. Coming from ten unique players stepping up to prove it. ” 

“ It’s like lifting a mountain from his chest faster when that guy leaves. Because the persistent problems limit the preparation of our team. ” 

“ Without that pillow We can trust other players. ” 

“ As I learned, the first 10 goals of the new season from 10 players have already shown that. ” 

The 22 -year -old spear is believed to be very angry with Dortmund. Because of his efforts to make a profit of 34 million pounds. But still chasing after him. Matches at the Etihad Stadium Wednesday