How to eat at a buffet to be healthy?

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When going to eat buffet food Many people choose to eat as much as possible. Even though I felt so full I could barely stand and walk. which is an eating behavior that is not good for the body. And even though I wanted to eat less, I couldn’t force myself to stop eating because I regretted it.

Who is experiencing the above problem? Try following the techniques below. Because it may help you eat buffet food in moderation, it’s worth the price, good for your health, and not at risk of illness UFABET

  • Walk around and inspect the food that the restaurant has prepared. To choose the food that you want to eat and roughly calculate the appropriate amount of food
  • Focus on eating vegetables and fruits. By choosing to scoop half of the vegetables and fruits on the plate. And choose to scoop out food such as starch and protein for the other half.
  • You should not fast before eating a buffet. But you should choose to eat nutritious food such as vegetables or fruits for a small portion of your stomach. to reduce appetite And it may help you eat less at the buffet.
  • Avoid sugary and high-calorie beverages such as soda or sugary juices. Including alcoholic beverages. Because in addition to these drinks increasing the risk of obesity It also has the ability to increase your appetite.
  • Choose a small plate to put food in instead of using a large plate that can hold more food.
  • Try to eat more slowly. And don’t rush to eat to compete with time.
  • Choose a seat away from the food service area. or areas where the food scooping point cannot be seen