The Best VPN Services Of 2017: How To Choose

The Best VPN Services Of 2017

The Best VPN Services Of 2017: How To Choose

VPN service will ensure that when browsing online, the data or info shared remains safe and secure. It is one of the safest ways through which online users can send and receive data online securely. The catch is to ensure that you choose the best service provider. It may prove quite hard to choose from the many service providers available online. In addition, there are also free VPN services. In fact for consumer use, most people prefer such VPN due to the cost of commercial VPN. Below are some of the considerations to make when choosing a VPN service provider. This way you are sure that you will get the best service at a reasonable cost.

Factors to consider when choosing VPN Services


You need to know how much it will cost you to subscribe to VPN services. The cost in most cases varies depending on the usage. But of course you have to first determine your online security needs, the number of users and the expected traffic per month. Basically, the best VPN services costs range from ten dollars to twenty dollars per month.

But of course, there are discounts offered when you pay on a yearly basis. Ensure that the cost of such a service also does not adversely affect the bottom line of your company. But remember your security online and the security and privacy of the data are also very important and in order to secure it, a cost has to be paid.


The reason why you are looking for VPN services is because you want enhanced security online. As such, you need to get such a service from a reputable service provider. Doing so ensures that info that you share online remains private and that you as the online user is also anonymous as well. As such, your activities online, browsing history or files shared online cannot be traced.

It is, therefore, important that you choose a VPN service that is supported by protocols it is also advisable to have different levels of encryption for higher security. Some of the protocols that enhance security must be put into place. Remember accessing sites through HTTPS is what is recommended by Most VPN service providers as this boosts your security online when browsing sites. It is true some VPN protocols will make sure that the download speed and upload speed is very fast but on the other hand, they may not be as secure as the slow VPNs. As such, depending on your needs, you will weigh the options that you have.


VPN is supposed to ensure that when online, any activity, or site visited remains private. In that case, not even the service provider should keep logs of such info. Try and find out first before you sign up for the service if the browsing history of a user or their data is saved in their logs. This already is a privacy violation. Watch out for VPN service providers who also install cookies in the system as well.

Cookies will store info regarding the browsing activities and this exposes the online user’s privacy and the security of info shared online is also threatened. Ensure that the service provider you choose does not keep any data or traffic logs for their customers as this can lead to security lapses. Again, find out how your IP address is protected. Some of the best VPN service providers scramble IP addresses of their clients to hide their identity.

4.The number of VPN servers and their locations

The more the servers a service provider has, the more efficient they are likely to be. You should, therefore, research and get to know the approximate number of servers that a particular company has. The location of the servers is also very important.

There are countries that censor internet use and also monitor internet use online for security reasons. In such countries, individuals will find it better to sign up for VPN services. In some countries also sharing of files and general use of internet laws are more lenient. As such, people will tend to sign up for VPN service providers whose servers are located in such countries.

The location of the servers is, therefore, an important consideration when one is signing up for VPN services to be sure that privacy and security of their online presence are maintained.  Remember another security advantage is that if you reside in another country, then you are not subject to their laws. As such, you will not be required to provide any info as their service providers because you are not based in that country. You will find that in most cases, foreigners will opt for VPN service providers from abroad in order to avoid being subjected to the residents’ laws and regulations.

  1. VPN Access across devices

You should access the internet across all of your devices including phones when you sign up for the services. This will help reduce the cost of securing the internet online because you do not need to sign up for two VPN services. This can be very costly. As such, it is important to test the service first though some of the best service providers do not allow you to test till you subscribe. Maybe from the expert reviews, you can get info regarding such services and this way, you can make an informed decision.

  1. Functionality

Check out expert reviews about various service providers first before you sign up for VPN service. This way, you will be able to know if the service provider has frequent system malfunctions or if their IP addresses keep getting blocked because of breaching the protocol regulations set by the local authorities, or their particular workplace or location. You need to sign up for a service provider that has minimal interruptions. This will be extremely important if you are constantly online and those who work remotely from different locations. This enables workflow and eventually, productivity is enhanced.

7.The payment method for VPN service

If you are looking for security online, it is also likely that you do not want anyone to know that you also use VPN service. In such cases, one would be interested in a payment method that does not leave any trail of your payment. As such, using credit cards, bank transfer would not be your preferred way of paying for such services. That is why some VPN service providers will offer gift cards that are loaded with VPN credit. Using such payment method ensures that your payment history for the VPN service cannot be traced as well.

In order to secure online data, and also ensure privacy is maintained, VPN services are required. There are many companies that offer such services. But one must be careful to choose the most appropriate service provider. The above factors, if considered will enable you to choose the best service provider. Ensure that you constantly check out updates on such services. It is also important that you subscribe to such services on a yearly basis, and also ensure that you pay on time to avoid disruptions in service delivery. Through a small research online you will get more info on some of the best service providers online. This will also hasten your search and also help you to make the right decision.



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