Is It Safe To Use VPN

Is It Safe To Use VPN

Is It Safe To Use VPN

VPN stands for virtual private network. It enables one to send and receive data safely online. This makes it impossible for unauthorized persons to access such data. Mainly it is the companies and even private entities that connect to such network in order to safeguard info and data. They prefer such network because of the high security and the fact, that privacy is also possible when such network is in use.

Types of VPN Services

There are two main types of VPN services, both use different types of VPN technologies;

  • Consumer VPN service; this basically helps to protect personal privacy online. This is especially so when one logs on to social media or when using public Wi-Fi. The internet traffic is protected if you have access to consumer VPN tunnel. As such, your personal data, images or any info you share online is fully protected.


  • Corporate VPN Services; this is basically for companies and large organizations. It is very important for such organizations to sign up for such services in order to protect data theft, malicious online activities using such data and basically, safeguard their privacy. This is also a very important service for an organization that has workers globally. They, therefore, work remotely and in such cases, data and communication among staff should be protected.

Below are ten reasons that prove that using VPN  enhances the safety of data shared online and generally ensures that when you are online, your data, privacy, and security is assured.

  1. VPN encrypts data/signals and manipulates IP address; this is the basic privacy and security rule online. If data is encrypted, then it is impossible for a third party to access such data. As such, you are sure that any data you share online will be received securely. This same case with manipulation of IP address, VPN enables this and as such, unauthorized users are not able to tell, the source of the encrypted data.
  2. Upload and download data online safely; it is true that the VPN may slow the whole process of downloading and uploading, you are assured that the download is safe and secure. Due to copyright issues, most people prefer to use VPN access to avoid persecution due to copyright rights as well. This is because when using the VPN, you are virtually unidentifiable. This makes your online activities safe and secure. This is especially so if you spend money on a high-quality VPN. Most good VPN are for subscription of around fifteen dollars monthly.
  3. Use of public Wi-Fi spots securely; for the confidential info, especially emails or even browsing online at public free Wi-Fi spots is not safe. If you want to ensure that any info you share from such spots is safe, ensure that you access such free internet through a VPN. In most hotels and entertainment places, they usually offer such services. But if not logged on through VPN channels, then your browsing history and data shared can easily be intercepted since it’s not encrypted. In some cases, such data can be used maliciously and for companies, it could lead to huge losses.
  4. Enables private searches on search engines; well, search engines usually store the history of searches online for all users so that they are able to come up with adverts relevant to such users. Whether you use Google, Bing or any search engine, if you do not access such search engine via VPN then such searches are cataloged for future use in ads or other unauthorized use. As such, it means your online browsing does not remain private as you would like. But with a VPN this is possible. Your private searches remain so since the IP address and data you browse is already encrypted.
  5. Avoid being traced; if you are doing research, or covering sensitive reports for media, you want to remain anonymous for security reasons. For corporates, due to competition, one may want to know the strategies and secrets of their competitors. As such, you have to browse through their sites and also try to get as much info from such companies while making sure that your actions cannot be traced by the rival companies. Well, through VPN, this is possible. Basically, VPN manipulates the IP address and as such, your actions can not be traced online. It, therefore, enhances your safety.

6.VOIP; if you are constantly on Skype, or chat online via voice or even make calls through any means online via voice, consider doing it via VPN. This is especially so for corporates. If not, then your communication is not safe. The privacy of such communication is not safe and you might realize in future that some info is used in unauthorized ways.

7.Personal info protection; most people would prefer to use their own VPN server just to be sure that their online activities cannot be traced. Well, the only downside is that it is possible to trace the one running such a VPN and therefore you easily get traced. But if you connect through a commercial VPN, IP address is protected and only the gateway server can be traced. As such, you are safe and info shared online through commercial VPN remains safe as well.

  1. Leak protection; you do not want your online activities leaked to the public or unauthorized persons. That is why you should log in to the internet through VPN. You are assured that anything you do online remains safe and private as you would like it to be. Always remember to clear the cookies even when browsing online through VPN as they can also lead to leakage of info as well.
  2. The option of two VPN services; this is especially so if you are sending important links, info or data online. This will boost the safety of info that you share online since you are sending it through two secure online channels. It is a backup for people who extremely send private and confidential info online.
  3. It enhances firewall effectiveness; when you access the internet via VPN, you are sure that only encrypted info will be allowed to leave your site or device. This is one way of ensuring that your data remains safe. Read more about countries with strict rules for the Internet here.

Well, VPN enhances your safety online. You may also opt for the free VPN services as well though you will only get limited services that let you browse online securely. But in case you are uploading or downloading data, security may be breached, as such it is highly recommended that you opt for more secure commercial VPNs. Also, bear in mind that VPN needs additional measures to ensure that data remains secure.

The device you use, PC or even your phone will also need to be password protected to ensure only you have access to log in using your phone. Again, the sites you visit also may expose the security and safety of your online use. This is especially so when it comes to banking and credit card use online. Extra caution should be taken so that data and any online info remain safe.  An effective antivirus should also be installed as it is extremely difficult to prevent malicious damage by spyware or any other malware. It is also important that the antivirus is constantly updated to ensure that it functions well. But overall, using VPN will ensure that your safety and privacy is enhanced.

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